Elected Officials

  • U.S. Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz
  • Mayor Lisa Middleton, Palm Springs City Council
  • Councilmember Christy Holstege, Palm Springs City Council
  • Councilmember Geoff Kors, Palm Springs City Council
  • Councilmember Dennis Woods, Palm Springs City Council
  • President Kristin Bloomer, Desert Water Agency
  • Les Zendle, Desert Healthcare District Board
  • Carole Rogers, Desert Healthcare District Board
  • President Russ Martin, Mission Springs Water District
  • Sergio Espericueta, Palm Springs Unified School District Board
  • JR Roberts, Planning Commission Vice Chair, Former Palm Springs City Councilmember
  • Supervisor V. Manuel Perez, Riverside County, District 4
  • Elizabeth Romero, Riverside County Board of Education
  • Karina Quintanilla, Palm Desert City Council
  • Gary Gardner, Desert Hot Springs City Council
  • Robert Nunez, Desert Hot Springs City Council
  • Megan Beaman-Jacinto, Coachella City Council
  • Gaby Plascencia, Riverside City Council
  • Gary Gartner, Ocean Beach Town Council


  • Palm Springs Firefighters Association
  • Palm Springs Police Association
  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest
  • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Inland Empire Labor Council
  • Public Employees Association of Palm Springs
  • Desert Stonewall Democrats
  • Riverside County Democratic Party
  • Democrats of the Desert
  • Inland Empire Business PAC (IE BizPAC)
  • Coachella Imperial Valleys Strategies PAC (CIVS PAC)
  • Desert Valleys Builders Association (DVBA)
  • Palm Springs Modern Heritage Fund
  • Sierra Club
  • The Desert Sun Editorial Board

Palm Springs Boards and Commissions

  • Al Jones, Former Airport Commission Chair; Library Board
  • Aftab Dada, Airport Commission Chairman
  • Ann Sheffer, Former Chair Public Arts Commission
  • Stephen Moses, Administrative Appeals Board
  • Charlie Ervin, Planning Commission
  • Edwin Ramoran, Human Rights Commission, Bayanihan Desert
  • Glenn Flood, Human Rights Commission
  • Juanita Escobar Garner, Library Board
  • Naomi Soto, Vice Chair Measure J Commission
  • Jerry Joseph Alcorn, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Deiter Crawford, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Jody Diaz, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Kathy Weremiuk, Chair Planning Commission
  • Michael Hirschbein, Planning Commission
  • Peter Moruzzi, Planning Commission
  • Gary Armstrong, Public Arts Commission
  • Shawnda Thomas Faveau, Public Arts Commission
  • Mara Gladstone, Former Public Arts Commissioner, Bayanihan Desert
  • Roy Clark, Former Sustainability Commission Chair
  • Greg Roberts, Village Fest Board
  • Juliette Montante, Village Fest Board
  • Dick Burkett, Former Chair, Historic Site Preservation Board
  • Russ Uthe, Former Chair, Personnel Board

Community Members

  • Lex Ortega
  • James Williamson
  • Lauren Wolfer
  • Diana Grace
  • Lauren Bruggemans
  • Darrell L. Tucci
  • Barbara Enke
  • Bill Enke
  • Mark Sherman
  • Janice Parada
  • Harold Matzner
  • Leighton Ginn
  • Alex McCune
  • Mark Gilbert
  • Richard Banconi
  • Aleta Reeser
  • Terry Reeser
  • Elizabeth Dolores
  • Adam Gray
  • Steve Buechler
  • Sue Burnside
  • Jeff Denan Jones
  • Dalia Rodriguez
  • Davis Garcia
  • Russ Uthe
  • Carl Baker
  • Michael Johnson
  • Megan Goehring
  • Haley Preston – Director, Desert Composting
  • Marcel Ramirez
  • Paulina Angel
  • David Weiner – Chair, Desert Stonewall Democrats
  • Bruce Hoban
  • Cynthia Session
  • Cary Levine
  • Wanda Levine
  • Gail Heitman
  • John Hoag
  • Brooke Wolford
  • Gail Heitman
  • James Keane
  • Steven Bing
  • Arthur Davis
  • Rene Davis
  • Marlo Sandler
  • Paul Reynolds
  • Willie Rhine
  • Shann Carr
  • Ron Gothberg
  • Nicholas Snow
  • William Boo Rinkle
  • Willy Halle
  • Patty Slough
  • Tom Clause
  • Gloria Kapp
  • Jeff Jeline
  • Thomas E. Martin
  • Michelle Loya
  • Bob McClean
  • Steve King
  • Joe Cicattiello
  • Debbie Coffey
  • Beth Edwards
  • Chris Hanson
  • James Garner
  • Jason Mock Yen
  • Robert Feferman
  • Dominic Moonheart Lopez
  • Robert Jimenez

Statements of Support

“Mayor Pro Tem Grace Garner is a proven leader. She has always stood up for the residents of Palm Springs and has successfully funded parks and affordable housing in Palm Springs. I am honored to endorse her for re-election.”
– Congressman Raul Ruiz

“I am thrilled to give my endorsement to Grace Garner for Palm Springs District 1 City Council. I have seen firsthand how Grace approaches every community issue with vigor, compassion, and practicality. She listens to her constituents and brings their voices and perspectives to all decision making spaces. We’ve been so fortunate to have Grace on Council for the last 3 years. I can’t wait to see her reelected and soon become the first Latina mayor of Palm Springs.”
– Christy Holstege, Palm Springs Councilmember

“Grace Garner has my endorsement for re-election to the Palm Springs City Council. She is a second-generation Palm Springs resident with deep roots and strong passions. She has demonstrated her ability to speak up for those who for too many generations have not perceived the fairness we expect of ourselves and our city. She is an inspiration to the youth and elders of our city. Grace is the child of veterans. I have seen and believe in her commitment to those who have served our country. Grace Garner has my support.”
– Lisa Middleton, Mayor Palm Springs

“As an attorney, Grace brings important legal and policy expertise to the City Council. As a second generation Palm Springs resident, who attended our public schools, and the first and only Latina elected to City office, Grace brings her life experience to benefit current and future generations. And as someone with deep roots in the community, who has served on numerous organizations and committees, and helped bring millions of dollars in outside funding to benefit District One residents, Grace brings her passion for making a very real and positive impact in people’s lives to her work. I am proud to endorse her so she can continue serving Palm Springs.”
– Palm Springs Councilmember Geoff Kors

“I am honored to support Grace Garner for reelection to the Palm Springs City Council. She has the passion and knowledge to continue advocating for a better quality of life for Palm Springs residents and she is a person who listens to us and will continue to fight to get the resources to underrepresented and underserved communities.”
– Sergio Espericueta, Palm Springs Unified School District Board Member

“The Palm Springs Firefighters Association is proud to support Grace Garner in her re-election for City Council. She has not wavered in her support of the Fire Department, and spearheaded increasing services in the City from 3 to 4 firefighters per apparatus. Grace understands that our community deserves a world class fire department and she knows that it starts with leadership, staffing, and funding. We are proud to endorse Grace Garner for re-election to City Council.”
– Palm Springs Firefighters Association

“Grace and the PSPOA have built a strong mutual respect during Grace’s first term on Council. While we do not always agree on issues, Grace is always willing to listen to our concerns and share her perspectives with us. We look forward to working with Grace for another four years.”
– Palm Springs Police Association, Mike Torres

“PEAPS members are very proud to stand with Grace Garner and support her bid to continue serving the people of Palm Springs. We look forward to working together as partners with the entire Palm Springs City Council in service to every resident, business owner, and visitor to our wonderful city.”
– Public Employees Association of Palm Springs (PEAPS)

“We are very proud at Desert Stonewall Democrats to support Grace Garner in her campaign for re-election to the Palm Springs City Council. Ms. Garner has spent her first term working closely with the residents of District 1, and bringing her constituents across the spectrum into the discussion. If re-elected, Grace will be the first ever Latina mayor in Palm Springs history, and we are excited to work with a long-time ally to the LGBTQ community in these efforts and in finding solutions to the issues facing the City of Palm Springs.”

– Desert Stonewall Democrats

“We are thrilled to announce that your campaign has received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest for the 2022 election cycle. Based on your 100% commitment to Planned Parenthood and reproductive health, our board is truly honored to deliver an endorsement of your campaign. Thank you for your commitment to policies that improve the health and protect the privacy of women and their families.”

– Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest

“Grace’s dedication to the City of PS during her tenure on the Council has been emblematic of her long-term dedication to building our community while untangling knotty issues we’re all concerned about.”
– Megan Goehring – Former Program Director for the Certified Farmers’ Markets of the Coachella Valley